Do you want to watch all your movie with your raspberry pi ?
Here is a quick how to, don’t forget by a noob for noobs.

If you want to know what you do need to make it work I suggest you to take a look here. The idea now is to install an operating system that allow you to have a media center.
As far as I know there are three way to get a media center in your raspberry pi which all are based on XBMC :

Which one to use ?

To be honest it is a question of point of view. In my case, I think that if you want a media center. It should only do it.
Openelec is a media center that can’t do anything else. In the other case, Raspbmc and XBMC on a linux distrib can do much more. I do think that the raspberry pi is powerful but not powerful enough to do everything in the same time. I did pick to go on Openelec because it is easy to install, I had no problem and I don’t want my movies to be laggy because of my file server (or whatever you want) running in background is using all my cpu while I watch a 1080p movie.
If you ask me I’d say, try install openelec if it works stay with it. If it doesn’t, give a try to google and forums to make it so. If it still doesn’t work, do the same with Raspbmc. If nothing works install XBMC in a linux distrib, it will have a bigger community (the linux one) and maybe more updated package but you shouldn’t put too much hope on the last one. Also, we all got the same raspberry which mean you must not be the first one to have a problem with it.

How to install it:

I don’t think it is a good idea to do another tutorial to install theses solution when there are already so many online. What I like is video so I will give you video tutorials link to install it.
To install Openelec or Raspbmc watch this, also they tell you the difference between them (somehow what I already said but in a different way). If you have any problem installing Openelec or you would like to tweak it a little read this.
I couldn’t find a nice video to install it in a linux distrib so here is a quick how to:

How to install xbmc on debian
1. add deb squeeze main non-free to /etc/apt/sources.list
2. execute apt-get update, you might see some error, ignore them as of now
3. execute apt-get install deb-multimedia-keyring
4. now its time to add GPG key, download the gpg key package from wget … -4_all.deb
5. install the downloaded package dpkg -i debian-multimedia-keyring_2010.12.26-4_all.deb
6. again do the apt-get update
7. now install the xbmc apt-get install xbmc

So now you know how to install your media center, you also know that I picked Openelec. On the media center part I will now focus only on Openelec. On a the following posts about openelec I will tell what I think about it. What configuration and addon I like using and how to make your own addon !