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Flash introduction of


A long time ago I decided to do my website totally in Flash. At the end I did not do it because my website is to show my CV to people whereas Flash do not allow to refer website.
At this time I made an introduction for my website in Flash. This is not the final version (no preloader, not good size)…
I did use AE and AF since you can integrate AE works in flash now.
Since there’s no preloader and the browser size is not correct I advise you to use right click and download as in order to enjoy the show. If you’ve any questions feel free to comment.
Here’s the link.

Once upon a time



I’m writing this news to inform everyone that I’m not dead. I’ve been doing my internship in the State University of New Paltz.
Here is a quick summary of what I’ve been doing there:

I did my placement at the State University of New York in New Paltz in  the Computer Science Department and was supervised by Andrew Pletch, an Assistant Professor.
The topic was about the adaptation of an existing distributed computing framework written in Java for the LAN environment,  to make it useable with Android phones.
A second topic used the Android phone to monitor a diabetic patient and deliver readings to a web portal.
Consequently, my internship integrated both topics.
The development of the medical software has been done in six main phases: knowledge of the client need , general conception of the application, user interface specification, interface execution, conception and execution of the database and integration testing. Andrew Pletch and another researcher has also worked on the project.
The medical software should be ready at the beginning of October.
The framework application has been done in four main phases: knowledge of the already existing framework, conception of the upgrade necessary in order to adapt the framework to the mobile environment, followed by development and testing.
Prof Pletch’s student will end the development of this framework and use it in the next semester.
This exciting internship allowed me to learn how to program on Android.  I also learned a great deal about mobile networking communication and it gave me ample contact with the business world.

Consequently, I’ve learnt some usefull android trick and I’ll post some here.

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